Mask & Gown Production

*This page will have all of the updated information you need for our current mask and gown production process.*





If interested in signing up for our sewing program, please fill out the form here:


 If you have already signed up on this form, then you are already in our system. 


Included on this page is a lot of information including gown sewing instructions and a video tutorial.

When we finish preparing kits for distribution the following day, we will contact you to see if you are available to pick up kits during a specified window the next day. The number of people we contact will depend on the number of kits available to distribute. We will try sending an email out by 8pm regarding pickup the following day. If you are contacted but are not able to pick up the next day, we will put you on a list for another day. This email will come from

Below is a list of updated information: 


Thank you in advance for all of your help!


- We have been hired by Ochsner Health to produce specific masks and gowns.


- The patterns, fabrics and samples have been tested in the field and approved for production by Ochsner.


- We want everyone to stay safe, so we won't be bringing people into our factory. We are asking people to sew from home.  


- We will be making kits that will contain all of the materials you will need to make these items including instructions.


- We will be using these hospital approved materials and patterns only.


- Kits being currently distributed are gown only, but there are kits that have been distributed that still contain the mask materials. If you have one of the kits with the masks, please finish the masks that were in your kit.


- All materials in the kit will be pre-cut, except for the elastic being used for a loop on the gown. Instructions for what length to cut are included in the kit and are on this page below in sewing instructions.


- We will be offering per piece compensation


- After receiving much appreciated feedback about sewing the masks and gowns, we have increased the price per piece to $2.00/ mask and gown.


- These rates can average to around $15/Hour and the equivalent hourly pay will likely go up as you get used to sewing these new items.


- These items must be to spec.


- We will assign you a number when you pick up a kit for the first time. This number will need to be marked with a permanent marker inside each piece you sew. Placement is in the instructions.  


- Compensation will be paid by check or direct deposit and sent out on a weekly basis. 


- We will need two forms of government issued identification and your social security number (your social security card can count as one form of identification) in order to put you in our system so you can be paid.  


- Please bring a form of ID for each pick up and drop off.


- We will have a drive by station in front of our factory where you will be able to pick up the kits. Please pull up to the area where the sign and tent is located. Please do not get out of your car.  We will come to your car to collect all of your information and give you the kits or take returned kits from you so that you do not have to get out of your car.


- The factory is located on the Westbank in Harvey, LA. The address will be provided when we contact you to pick up kits.


- It is very important that you do not participate in this project if you know you have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 or are experiencing any symptoms.


If you have any questions not already answered on this page, please e-mail


Thank you very much for your participation in this very important program!!